The Atlas Shrugged Essay Contest

We invite Australian students to join for a chance to win thousands of dollars in prize money for essays they write about subjects arising from the novel.

Essays are judged on whether the student is able to justify and argue for his or her view, not on whether the Institute agrees with the view the student expresses.

Our graders look for writing that is clear, articulate, and logically organized. Essays should stay on topic, address all parts of the selected prompt, and interrelate the ideas and events in the novel.

Essays must be written in English only and be between 800 - 1,600 words in length. Winning essays must demonstrate an outstanding grasp of the philosophic meaning of Atlas Shrugged.

The Australian entry deadline for this year is July 31 2024. Participants can use their entries to join the International Contest with an Annual Grand Prize of US $25,000.*

What is Atlas Shrugged?

Atlas Shrugged is a mystery novel like no other. You enter a world where scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, and inventors are inexplicably vanishing, a world that is crumbling.

But far from a plain depressing dystopia, you discover by the end an uplifting vision of life, an inspiring cast of heroes, and a challenging new way to think and live.

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The Prizes

1st 5,000 AUD
2nd 1,000 AUD
3rd 500 AUD

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